Here is the structure for "History's Treasures."

  • Introduction
    1. Introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m . Welcome to another episode of 'History's Treasures' where we like to say, 'Out with the new and in with the old!"
    2. Introduce the document. “Today's document/artifact/historical treasure/etc. is
    3. Hook the viewer's interest by sharing something surprising/intriguing/puzzling/etc.
  • Body
    1. History of document “The history of this item has an interesting story. It...”
  • Significance
    1. You'll need a transition like the following to help explain to the viewer how this document affects us today. "You might be wondering why this document/artifact/historical treasure/etc. matters today. Well, it..."
  • Sign off
    1. "I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about . Thank you for watching another episode of 'History's Treasures.'”