Here is the structure for "Meet the Idioms."

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m . Welcome to another episode of 'Meet the Idioms.'”
    2. Introduce the idiom. “Ever heard of the idiom?”
    3. Meaning of idiom. “This idiom means__.”
  2. Body
    1. History of idiom “The history of this idiom dates back to…”
  3. Example of idiom
  4. Sign off
    1. "I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about _. Thank you for watching 'Meet the Idioms.'”

Here are excellent websites to research idioms for "Meet the Idioms."

Below is a great "first" website to start with. Some idioms are a bit trickier to research than others. To find specific, interesting information about YOUR idiom, we will work together to find credible and multiple sources to develop the meaning and history of your idiom.

The Phrase Finder