PSA Teams Digital Citizenship

Stepping Up - Saying "I do" to respecting all people and "I don't" to cyberbullying and risky online behaviors.

"Facebook Dislikes" or "Printer"
Antone, Ahmad, Payton X., Joseph, Alvin, Lo. Ro., Lo. Re., Huy, Christopher, Wade, Justin

Building Identities - Saying "I do" to maintaining a responsible digital footprint and "I don't" to inappropriate online behavior.

"Sticky Notes"
Emily, Hannah, Alex, Shelby S., Olivia, Alyssa, Gillian, Kexin, Kaitlyn
Respecting Boundaries - Saying "I do" to respecting others' intellectual property and "I don't" to pirating and plagiarism.

"Art Theft" or "Word Play" (stolen essay)

Lorena, Jaleasha, Lizzie, Samantha, Tristen, Brianna, Shelby L., Sasha