Overview Power Point

Here are the key ideas we will be covering in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Documentary Film Teams

Writing Team 1

WritingTeam 2

Art Department

Shelby L.
Logan Ro.
Logan Re.

Writing Team 3


Shelby S.

Here are the tasks for the Writing Teams:

  1. Each team will work on one section of the Holt "Ancient Civilizations" text book to write a summary of your section which will be used as voiceover for a documentary film.
  2. You will need to first read the text book to gather information.
  3. You will next need to look for an additional book for more infomration.
  4. You will then need to find at least one to two websites to obtain information.
  5. You will create a "bibliography" for the books and websites you use in your research.
  6. The Art Department will collect pictures for your film. All YOU have to do is write a summary of what you've learned.

Writing Teams Assignments

You will need to include "The Big Idea" as a title slide for each section of the film. You will need to include the "Main Ideas" for each of the subsections as a second title slide prior to beginning your voice over

Section 1-Team 1

The Big Idea: The water and fertile soils of the Nile Valley allowed a great civilization to develop in Egypt.

The Gift of the Nile
Main Idea: Egypt was called "the gift of the Nile" because the Nile River was so important.
Writers for this subsection:
Shelby L.

Civilization Develops in Egypt
Main Idea: Civilization developed after people began farming along the Nile.
Writers for this subsection:
Gillian, Jaleasha, Hannah

Kings Unify Egypt
Main Idea: Strong kings unified all of Egypt.
Writers for this subsection:
Gillian, Jaleasha, Hannah, Joseph

Section 2-Team 2

The Big Idea: Egyptian government and religion were closely connected during the Old Kingdom.

Life in the Old Kingdom

Main Idea: Lie in the Old Kingdom was influenced by pharaohs, roles in society, and trade.
Writers for this subsection:
Brianna, Antone

Religion and Egyptian Life

Main Idea: Religion shaped Egyptian life.
Kaitlyn, Emily

The Pyramids

Main Idea: The pyramids were built as huge tombs for Egyptian pharoahs.
Kexin, Samantha

Section 3-Team 3

The Big Idea: During the Middle and New Kingdoms, order and greatness were restored in Egypt.

The Middle Kingdom

Main Idea: The Middle Kingdom was a period of stable govenrment betweens periods of disorder.
Writers for this subsection:
Sasha, Shelby S.

The New Kingdom

Main Idea: The New Kingdom was the peak of Egyptian trade and military power, but their greatness did not last.
Writers for this subsection:
Alyssa, Lizzie

Work and Daily Life

Main Idea: Work and daily life were different among Egypt's social classes.
Writers for this subsection:
Olivia, Tristen

Section 4-Team 4

The Big Idea: The Egyptians made lasting achievements in writing, architecture, and art.

Egyptian Writing

Main Idea: Egyptian writing used hieroglyphics.
Writers for this subsection:
Ahmad, Wade

Egypt's Great Temples

Main Idea: Egypt's great temples were lavishly decorated.
Writers for this subsection:
Lorena, Alex

Egyptian Art

Main Idea: Egyptian art filled tombs.
Writers for this subsection:
Huy, Christopher