Here is the sample "Barbie" essay for the Junior Great Book story "Barbie" by Gary Soto.

Here is the sample Metaphor Essay and directions for how to write it.

Literary Summary with analysis

One format for this type of response:

I. Introduction
a. Provide a "hook" to interest the reader! Refer to your "Glossary of Good Beginnings" for help.
b. State the title and author and the main idea of the piece.
II. Brief Summary
a. Pick the MOST important events from the beginning, middle, and end.
III. Interpretation of theme with examples
a. State what you think is a theme. Use a transition to help: "One theme the author explores is..." or "I think the author wants the reader to
see that..."
IV. Conclusion
a. Lots of ways to wrap up here: Provide your ideas on the theme. Explicitly state your thematic statement and develop it. Offer the reader
a lesson that could be learned from the piece. Refer to your "Glossary of Good Endings."