Here is a place to record ideas about movies we should make:

Instructional Videos

  1. How to use a wiki page
  2. How to use a blog
  3. How to make a video:
    1. lighting
    2. storyboarding
    3. using a wireless mic
    4. using a shotgun mic
    5. setting up three point lighting system
    6. using a green screen
  4. How to get pictures form the internet into a Word document using text boxes
  5. How to search the National Archives for archival images
  6. How to search the National Archives for archival film
  7. How to play/strategy of math games:
    1. Nim

News Story


  1. Elk Grove Historical Society/Museum
  2. Honey bees
  3. Elk Grove Animal Control
  4. Farmer's Market in Elk Grove
  5. The Town of Locke
  6. Sacramento's Tower Bridge
  7. Where does "it" go when you flush the toilet?
  8. Where does our trash go?
  9. Where does our recycle go?
  10. Where does our e-wast go?
  11. A day in the life of a city council member
  12. EGUSD Food Services-where school lunches come from
  13. Artisan cheesemakers (website:
  14. Olive Oil
  15. World religions in our community:
    1. Buddhism
    2. Christianity
    3. Hinduism
    4. Islam
    5. Judaism
  16. Tomatoes (Website:
  17. Sacramento County Cooperative Extension (website:
  18. Project R.I.D.E.
  19. Japanese Internment
  20. U.S. Rail Mail System

Public Service Announcements

  1. Stop signs are NOT go slow signs. They mean stop.
  2. Financial costs of smoking
  3. Health costs of smoking
  4. Stop using styrofoam packing peanuts
  5. The problems of plastic bags
  6. Proper battery disposal
  7. Anti-bullying
  8. Use reusable bags
  9. Turn off your lights
  10. Bicycle safety

You on the Road

  1. Silva's Sheldon Inn
  2. Squeeze Inn
  3. The California Museum
  4. The California Military History Museum
  5. The Crocker Art Museum
  6. The Stanford Mansion
  7. The California State Railroad Museum
  8. Capitol Park, Sacramento, CA
  9. Sutter's Fort
  10. The California
  11. Vic's Ice Cream
  12. Gunther's Ice Cream
  13. Elk Grove Animal Control
  14. Tomato Scientists at U.C. Davis

Ideas from Mr. Bentley

Community Gardens
Benefits of community gardens:
ACGA (American Community Garden Association) Website:
Elk Grove Gardening Club Website:
Elk Grove Community Garden location