What does it mean if a film is "in post-production?"

Post production defined

Once the filming is complete, the post-production phase begins.

During post-production, students will:

  1. review footage captured
  2. review "B-roll" footage captured
  3. import footage into an iMovie or Final Cut Express "project"
  4. edit video and audio, adding pictures, transitions, sound, titles, and credits
  5. search for archival images or film to add to project
  6. finds or creates additional sounds, music, video, pictures necessary to complete the project
  7. write narration and record for voice over
  8. submit a rough edit to instructor for review/approval
  9. instructor approves or rejects, offering ideas or suggestions
  10. organize a test screening
  11. make sure locations were left clean and orderly
  12. send thank you notes to people who assisted or participated