What does it mean if a film is "in pre-production?"

Pre-production defined

Once a story becomes a script, pre-production can begin.
During pre-production, the following things will happen:

  1. Students prepare storyboards and submit for approval
  2. Instructor approves storyboard
  3. Students prepare breakdown of:
    1. locations
    2. scene breakdowns
    3. shooting schedule
    4. equipment needed
    5. contact list (people/experts to be filmed)
    6. cast and crew lists
    7. obtains talent release forms (SEVA or EGUSD forms)
    8. shot list
    9. shooting schedule
  4. Students submit planning documents to instructor for approval
  5. Instructor approves planning documents
  6. Students make arrangements to use locations
  7. Students create props, costumes, and sets
  8. Students rewrite script as necessary
  9. Students discuss:
    1. lighting ideas
    2. camera movement ideas
  10. Students determine:
    1. sound to be recorded
    2. types of microphones to be used
    3. study noise of locations in which filming will take place
    4. lighting obstacles of locations
    5. camera movement obstacles
  11. Photograph and video "behind the scenes" footage of students at work in development and pre-production stages

Pre-production forms you might need: