Stock Footage

Defined: This is any film you use in a film production that you did not create. You can only use footage that is in the public domain or is allowed to be used via a Creative Commons license.

Some footage has to be purchased or possibly licensed. What that means is YOU the filmmaker have to obtain permission, and I will gladly help you do that.

Smithsonian Images from Flickr

These images are free to be used. Pay attention to attribution.

"Stock Footage" page. Pay attention to to whether or not the film you want to use is in the public domain or allowed via Creative Commons.

The Archive of American Television

These interviews are not copyright free. Any film that is used must be licensed.

Media Burn Independent Film Archive

This is an independent video archive serving teachers and students of primary through graduate school. The films here are NOT IN the public domain or Creative Commons works. This means you will have to obtain permission to use their film.

Video Blocks

This is a subscription service for $79 per month. The clips you download, however, are copyright free.