Novel Study

Below are tasks that you will need to complete during this novel study. Select your tasks carefully, and give your best effort. The tasks will make up 50% of your grade for this novel. The INBs will be worth 25%. The quizzes will be the remaining 25%.

A Tasks

(6 point rubric x 5 point multiplier = 30 point essay)

1. In a well-written, multi-paragraph essay, answer this question: “What is the author saying about the quest for knowledge, persistence, cooperation, and personal growth?”
This will need to be at least a 6 paragraph essay. Think:
  1. Introductory paragraph
  2. Paragraph on what the author is saying about the quest for knowledge on the part of characters in the book and how it relates to us
  3. Paragraph on what the author is saying about the importance of persistence exhibited by characters in the book and how it might relate to us
  4. Paragraph on what the author is saying about the need for cooperation amongst characters in the book and how that might relate to our own lives
  5. Paragraph on what the author is saying about the the personal growth of characters and how we as individuals might change as we grow
  6. Concluding paragraph

B Tasks

Choose 1 question from each section and write a well-written a 2-3 paragraph response (5 point rubric x 3 point multiplier = 15 points per response)

Section 1

(from pages 1-70)
1. Some of the crimes seem very silly, such as “barking without a license.” What do you think the author is trying to say by having such crimes? Do members of your class or family ever fight about silly things in their lives?

2. Why do you think the author select names such as “Expectations” for the destinations on the map provided with the tollbooth? What might be some similar but different names for other possible places Milo might travel?

3. Would you like to live like the Lethargarians in chapter 2, doing nothing at all? Give at least three reasons with detailed explanations for your answer.

4. Chapter 4 includes descriptions of how these six letters taste: A, C, I, P, X, and Z. Choose five other letters and write taste descriptions for each letter.

Section 2

(from pages 71-142)
5. Which is better, words or numbers? Why do you feel that way? Do members of your class prefer words over math and vice versa? Why do you think the author uses this dispute instead of a typical war? Do you think the author is trying to make a statement in regard to real war?

6. Tell about the cities of Illusions and Reality. What are the people like? Are real people in real cities similar to the residents of these two cities in the book? Why or why not?

7. What would you miss most about colors if all the colors in the world disappeared?

8. Suppose there were no rhyme or reason in the way people acted. Could they accomplish anything? Why or why not?

Section 3

(from pages 143-210)
9. Do you think Milo should have stolen the sound from the Soundkeeper and restored sound to the valley? Would you have done the same thing, and why or why not?

10. How could diamonds and emeralds and rubies be a nuisance?

11. When Dr. Dischord tells Milo that noise is the most valuable thing in the world, Milo replies “King Azaz says words are.” Which words do you think are the most valuable? Pick a few and explain why you would choose them.

12. Think of a time when you have made a statement without having a good reason for it. What was the end result? Why is it important to have a reason for saying things?

Section 4

(from pages 211-255)
13. Why was it important for Milo, Tock, and the Humbug to not be aware of the fact their journey to find Princesses Rhyme and Reason was impossible? Have you ever tried to do something someone told you was impossible? Did you succeed? Did people tell
you that you would fail? Are you able to describe a scenario from your life or the news where people used perseverance and were able to overcome obstacles no one thought they could?

14. In your opinion, what are the most important lessons Milo learned on his trip? Pick five lessons and describe them and their significance.

C Tasks

Choose 3 from 1-4 (10 pts each)

  1. Create an award certificate to be given to Milo for rescuing Rhyme and Reason. Include reasons for the award, using the language of royal decrees. You may have to research what royal decrees mean.
  2. Create your own Top 10. Imagine you are visiting Digitopolis and the Mathemagician asks you to introduce yourself. You must describe yourself using numbers 1-10.
  3. Plan a menu for a meal in which everything has a geometric shape. Make a list of each item and its shape; then draw a picture of what the meal would look like.
  4. My Land Beyond – Draw a map for your own fantasy world. Think of names for the places you would visit there. Decide what bodies of land and water would be on your map. Draw a route for traveling through this land beyond. Don’t forget a title of your map, short description, map key, and compass.

Novel References/Notes

Want to know what the real Doldrums are? Check out this Power Point to take a sailing trip and explore!

Interactive Notebook (INB)
This is a work in progress. IF you forget your INB at school, you can always download the latest chapter we're working on here. Currently, I have chapters 1-14 available for download as a PDF only.

Chapter Tests
I will post the chapter tests AFTER we've taken them. I will not, however, post the answer key here. These tests are written to sound and look like the California Standards Test for English-Language Arts. I am using their "stems" or question types to write these questions. These tests are not easy. Read the questions and answers carefully. Reread the text carefully. Check your answers ALWAYS. And don't get discouraged. They will get easier the more you practice.
Test Chapters 1-3
Test Chapters 4-6
Test Chapters 7-9
Test Chapters 10-12
Test Chapters 13-15