Curiosity Films: A 5th-6th Grade Learning Loop Facilitated by Jim Bentley

Welcome to our wiki page. A wiki is nothing more than a high-tech file cabinet. If you look to the left hand side of the page, you'll see links. If you click on the links, you'll be taken to a "page." The page contains documents you can view or download. You can't change a document unless you've been given access to do so.

If you have ideas for pages to add or documents you would like to have added, send me an email. This wiki can be as effective as we want to make it!

Why do we need a wiki?

Lots of reasons!

  1. If a student loses or forgets a handout or document, it can be downloaded at home.

  2. It saves paper. I can upload my Back to School Packet for you to read on your computer or smart phone.

  3. It’s easier to “file” with a wiki than my old-fashioned filing cabinet. And it’s also more accessible to students!

  4. It’s a “work in progress” to which students can contribute. When doing Project Citizen, we’ve found it’s a HUGE help in compiling documents which are being worked on by multiple students.

  5. Using a wiki is a 21st century technology skill your child needs to obtain. With technology evolving at an ever increasing speed, a wiki is a gentle way to begin digitally collaborating with others.

Here is a great YouTube video overview of what a wiki is and how it works!

Now, a few b​asic rules for using our class wiki. Failure to follow these rules will result in you being "uninvited" to post to the wiki.


Keep safe. Never post your personal information or information about someone else. Keep things like ages, addresses, phone numbers, names of towns, or even places we work off the Internet. Remember that information on the internet, especially embarrassing information, may still be around after you've deleted it. Be careful not to post things that may come back to haunt you later.

Be truthful. Write things you know to be correct using facts from research from reliable, credible sources.

Be nice. The most important thing to remember is sarcasm hurts. Be overly friendly and be positive. Remember ... treat others as you would like to be treated.

Read, re-read, and proof-read before you click ENTER. Don't rush to make that final . Once you press that button, you can't bring it back. Look everything over and use your spell check to be sure everything is accurate. When you are certain that the editing is complete, then save to publish.

Information please. The Internet is a great source of information but information is only useful when it is accurate.

Be brief, to the point and logical. Use breaks in your text and formatting elements to make the page easy to read and understand.

Follow Directions. Be sure to follow the directions that are given for the assignment -- be creative, but within the parameters set forth on the page.

Do not delete the work of others deliberately. Unless it is part of the editing process.

Keep it on topic - classroom oriented. This isn't the place to discuss afterschool plans or make silly comments! Do that on Facebook or hanging out with your friends.